Mission Hydro Sci

Official website

At MULE Games, I collaborate with a team of twenty-five artists, developers, game designers, professors, and data analysts to create a game in Unity called, Mission Hydro Sci. I have personally designed and developed several features and systems including a player activity logging system. The logging system records data on a student’s progress while they play. Using my strong understanding of the Unity profiler and debugger, the logging system rarely slows the game down more than a few milliseconds at peak load during game play. Some other features I've made include a buoyancy system (used in some puzzles that require floating an object), the in-game map, and the way-point system.

Mission Hydro Sci is set to be deployed to middle schools across Missouri to provide a complete curriculum on the science of water within the next couple years.

I'd love to show more of the game, but it's a big game and is still in development. Below are some pictures from a relatively mature unit of the game in which the player finds themselves in a desert.