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COMO Game Jam 3: Post-Mortem

Over this past weekend, my friend Olivia and I put together a VR game in two days called A Really Shitty Movie: The Game (working title). We worked really hard and the result turned out ... actually fun! For some background the theme for the jam was STAR so rather than going the literal route we decided to do something a little different. In ARSM:TG you play the star of a really, badly made movie filming a critical scene in which hundreds of "zombies" are attacking you. Your only defense is two pistols (that fire blanks of course) against the horde.

If you're interested in the development side here's our repo: Github. I primarily worked on the pistol including animations, code, etc as well as the game flow and level design. Olivia did a great job writing the script, implementing enemy AI with animations, and writing all the code to spawn them. You can currently only play if you have an HTC Vive, but we plan on adding Oculus support pretty soon.

Please play some of the other submissions here! I personally enjoyed Orbital Defender.

Here's an article from the local paper about the event if you're interested: Article

What we used to make ARSM:TG

Olivia testing the "zombie" death

Olivia testing the "zombie" death

  • Unity
  • VRTK
  • A bunch of free assets from the Asset Store and Sketchfab
  • "Zombie" models and animations from Mixamo
  • A few materials from Substance Source
  • A whole lot of luck
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